Will you do other leagues awards like la liga serie a?

Yes. Next on our list is La Liga awards. After that, it’ll be Bundesliga awards. And then we’ll decide after that. We have to get enough notes and votes though, so it’s all down to you if we want to keep this blog running! :)

When there will be an award: "the best la league blogs" ?

We don’t have a precise date yet but La Liga awards will be next for sure! Roughly about February time we think, we’ll be sure to tell you as soon as we know so don’t worry! :)

When are the winners gonna be announced?

They were announced just now! :)

  • ↳ the best premier league blogs

So, it’s finally time to announce the winners! Thanks to all those who participated and voted, we’re so glad this was such a success! Remember that even if you’re not mentioned in here, all of your blogs are amazing.

THE WINNERS: (urls are in alphabetical order)

  • best url: benditlikebendtner, shitjustgotmonreal, whatthefuckisfootball
  • best icon: gibbbo, gnabrys, oxladechamberlain
  • best theme: barethgale, gloryutd, samikhediras
  • best graphics: gerrardly, seanmorrisons, wilsheresdimples
  • best gifs: iscoalarcons, seanmorrisons, wilsheresdimples
  • nicest blogger: carraggers, football-tho, iggymiquel
  • best overall: wilsheresperfection

THE PRIZES (in case you don’t remember):

  • a follow back if not following already.
  • best overall will have a gifset or graphic of the player(s)/team(s) of their choice.
  • best url (the one entirely in italic because it got the most votes) will get an url gifset or graphic.
  • every winner will get random promos once a week until february 2014.
  • an extra link to the results post on our description until february 2014.


  • ↳ the best premier league blogs


  • this must reach at least 50 notes or we will pretend this never happened (likes aren’t counted).
  • do not spam our inbox with the same urls over and over, we can tell when it’s the same anon.
  • do not vote for yourself.


  • after reading the faq, you can send in your votes here, anon or not, we won’t tell who voted.
  • please precise which category you’re voting the url for.
  • you can only vote once per category and can only give one url per category.
  • you can vote for blogs who support teams from different leagues but only if they support one from the premier league as well.
  • you have until january 10th to vote.

+categories: there will be three urls per category except ‘best overall’

  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best graphics
  • best gifs
  • nicest blogger
  • best overall

+the prizes:

  • a follow back if not following already.
  • best overall will have a gifset or graphic of the player(s)/team(s) of their choice.
  • best url will get an url gifset or graphic.
  • every winner will get random promos once a week until february 2014.
  • an extra link to the results post on our description until february 2014.

+nb: if this does well, we’ll be doing more for different leagues, for example next will be best la liga blogs.

that’s it! if you have any questions, feel free to message us and now get to reblogging, so this won’t be a total flop.

you're copying the lfc awards thing and without even showing your face. thats kinda rubbish. :)

are you serious anon because i’ve seen thousands of awards things like that /i’m talking about other fandoms here/ and i’m sure lfc awards weren’t first and it’s not like they invented it so now you’re being kinda rubbish :) they weren’t even an inspiration. i’ve never even heard of them tbqh. THANK YOU! 

i'm gonna sound such an idiot but what do u mean by best graphic??

No, don’t worry, you don’t sound like an idiot at all! Best graphics are for blogs who make the best edits basically! Hope this helps! :)

But you never said on which blogs you can vote on every category..

That’s because you can vote for who you want! There’s no polls or nominations, so everyone has a chance at winning. :)

Do you have to nominated people now?

You have until January 10th to vote, if that’s what you mean! :)

A lovely anon voted for our blog in the ”best overall” category. Although that’s very nice of you, it won’t be counted because these awards are all about you, not us! And besides, we wouldn’t want to make a gifset for ourselves if we win, would we?! :)